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Season 5, Week 4

Wednesday, 09:29

Welcome to Pitwall!

Pitwall is an online grand prix manager game

The focus is on running a grand prix team, and to make sure your car is the fastest on the track. This will allow you to promote to higher divisions, and eventually become division 1 champion.


How to sign up

If you want to give it a try, then you can sign up on the right of the page in the green Sign up box.


More game information

Below is an overview of the most important aspects of the game:


Sign up now, and found your own team.


Or apply for a job with an existing team.


Buy shares in other teams to get a say in the teams operations.


Make sure your own team is operating efficiently.


It's essential that your team has the proper facilities for its operations.


In order to keep a steady cash flow, sponsorship on the car can be sold to sponsors.


Negotiations with sponsors can be tricky, as other teams are fighting to get the sponsors' signature first.


Fans are also a source of income.


You need to negotiate contracts with suppliers who supply engines, tires, fuel and brakes to your team.


Drivers can make all the difference on the race track.


While staff make all the difference behind the spotlights.


Therefore scouting good drivers and staff is essential to make sure you have the best personnel working in your team.


Every person has its specific skill set and character.


A contract can be negotiated with every person, so you should to try and sign the better drivers and staff on a long term from your opponents, or secure your current personnel.


All these events are dynamically logged in the press newspaper.


There are multiple divisions in the game, with division 1 being the highest. The top team is promoted to a higher division, while the 4 lowest teams are relegated to a lower division (if there is one).


In order to climb to division 1, the car needs to be developed so that races are won and the team is promoted to a higher division.


Once parts are developed, they need to be produced.


Once produced, they can be mounted on the car.


Following this, the car can be sent out to the track to test, qualify or race.


The advanced race script runs live, so that during the race changes can be made to your strategy. This all in the light to become champion and become the most succesful manager in the game. Do you think you can handle it? Sign up now!

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